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Compact bathrooms made of concrete


Our compact ready-built bathrooms made of concrete are an excellent turn-key solution for all new buildings in which bathrooms of the same kind are required in large numbers. Using a specially fabricated steel shell, wall, ceiling and floor elements are filled with concrete and then joined together. The bathrooms are tiled, grouted and fitted with fixtures while still in our works. They are then delivered to site ready to install. Depending on size and type of design, our concrete bathrooms weigh between 3-6 tons.


The floor sections of our compact ready-built bathrooms are fabricated out of impermeable concrete in a tray-like form. For shower areas at the same level, we build in a fall of c. 4cm and use integrated plastic or stainless steel floor drains.

All of our concrete ready-built bathrooms are watertight.
This is ensured by our 3-point total reliability system:

  • Impermeable concrete
  • Raised edging all round
  • Extra sealing system

Clients can select from a variety of different materials for the top surface (e.g. tiles, natural stone etc.).

Walls / ceilings
The walls and ceilings of our concrete ready-built bathrooms are fabricated from light concrete in upright steel shells. They are then joined to the floor section and additionally sealed with sealant strips and a liquid film.
The visible exteriors of the walls, which are flush with the shell, are also primed and can then be wall-papered without any further preparation.

We leave the choice of fixtures to the customer. You are free to choose from all of the products available on the market. If you wish, we are also happy to suggest suitable fixtures and show you a wide range of alternative options and variants.

Appropriately protected from the weather, all of our bathrooms are delivered to the building site by lorry. The bathrooms are supplied to a precise schedule based on positioning and floor plans, as well as the progress being made with the building's construction. Using a mobile or site crane, the bathrooms are then put in their intended position.
By pushing the bathrooms in from the side, they can even be installed without any problem in building shells that have already been finished. Depending on the type of installation, up to 40 bathrooms a day can be moved into place.

The lightweight bathroom



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