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Ready-built bathrooms for use as extensions


We have developed our HBS towers for renovation and modernisation projects, where existing floor space is to be extended by the addition of a bathroom or other extra room. This can often be the case in clinics and in the general care sector, as well as for residential buildings.
HBS towers can form a self-supporting, free-standing structural element or be set up against the side of a building. The bathrooms are completely prefabricated, tiled and fitted with fixtures. This method of construction enables residents to carry on living in the premises undisturbed while the building work is being done. Only when the work is finished, is the connection created between the tower and the old building. All supply and waste pipes are run outside of the old structure. This saves any disturbance being caused by installation works inside the building.
Depending on size and type of design, our tower components weigh between 10-16 tons.


The floor sections are fabricated in a mould out of impermeable concrete, in a tray-like form with raised edging running all around. Depending on structural requirements, the thickness of the floor section is 10-15cm. For shower areas at the same level, we build in a fall of c. 4cm and an integrated floor drain.


The walls and ceilings of our tower components are fabricated out of structurally reinforced concrete in upright steel shells. They are then joined to the floor section and additionally sealed with sealant strips and liquid film. The thickness of the walls and ceilings is around 12-16cm.
The top section of the structure is also given a roofing seal or fitted with a roof construction.


Tower components are placed on site on existing or pre-prepared foundations. Each floor is then mounted one on top of the other, with separate special anchors used to adjust the height and flush positioning. Depending on the type of design, the individual sections are either connected to the side of the building or locked in a free-standing position.
Once in place, anything the customer wishes can be applied to the outside of the tower.


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